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Who are we?

We are a bunch of experienced developers that are into programming games, platforms and tailor made quirky stuff. Care to know more ? Give us a call !

Full Circle Service with Quality Assurance

"What we deliver, we service. Not only do we tailor make programs and system for you, we will train your staff, update your software and render services at your request. Quality Assured all the steps."

Affordable pricing while maintaining high standards

"There is always a concern of compromising quality with pricing. Due to our QA controls we can guarantee good lead times and excellent results at a very low price without any compromise."


Do you have a nack for programming and are bored in living in a overpriced city, too much stress and eating junk food? Stuck in a corporate environment that slowly kills you dream? Feeling like you are the oddball in the rat race? Do you want less traffic and more green areas, need time for sports in the morning or just a good relaxed breakfast at a local cafe? Do you need culture, cool atmosphere, cool bars and laid back attitude? Do you want to live affordable without compromising on quality of life and with good food at great prices?

Well look no further, Varna might be the right option for you!

Come and join our awesome team!

We will help you get over here and feel right at home, and we are flexible and reasonable with your needs.
We are more goal orientated rather than counting the minutes you are in our offices.
We are offering the following positions:
Are you proficient with React and With 3+ years of experience with it? Have you prototyped and designed a full-blown platform from scratch ? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
Are you a casino provider integrations expert with 3+ years of experience and also coming from a Java background? Do you have previous experience with microservices? Some experience with Golang? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
Are you a great all-rounder who can make a difference any place put ? Do you get the bigger picture and connect the dots between the various departments ? If this is you and you are coming from a Java background, NodeJs, ReactJs, and want to get hardcore programming? we have something of interest to you. Then do not hesitate to contact us!


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Our Address

Blvd. Slivnitsa 160, 9009 Varna BULGARIA